6 thoughts on “The Ins and Outs of M13: What Will and Wont Survive Standard Rotation

  1. This article is a little confusing to me. You seem to have the core idea of exploring how Standard will be different after block rotation, which is fine. However, your approach to this is to show what each color loses from the rotating sets, and what comes in with the new core set. You go on to draw conclusions about the position of each color from there.

    I think it’s less than useful to draw any conclusion without even addressing the fact that there will also be almost 300 new cards in the card pool at rotation with the incoming block set. At no time will M13 be legal without Scars, M12, or Return To Ravnica in the pool, so I wonder at the value of discussing an incoming format as though that were the case.

  2. Thanks for the comments,

    I didn't intend to discuss the format as a whole without regard to "Return to Ravnica". My goal was to outline key differences between M12 and M13 and draw conclusions from that. I think there is value in identifying what the core set is, and is not doing. It is not providing us with Birds of Paradise, Mana Leak, or Day of Judgment – and I think those are fair signals that define the direction Wizards wants to take Standard. M13 will account for 294 of the legal cards in Standard – I would argue that it's impact is not insignificant.

    Maybe I should have prefaced the article with "Return to Ravnica will be legal too", but I didn't feel I needed to do that.

  3. *249 cards. Would've been nice if this article highlighted certain sleeper cards that could be good with rotation coming, but I guess you can't really do that until we see what's in RtR.

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