2 thoughts on “Insider: M15 Top 10

  1. “Trying to decide which are the ten best cards in the set is difficult when a set isn’t good.”

    This is one of the better core sets in recent memory…

    “As of right now, it’s not looking like the pain lands will make much of an impact on Standard.”

    Pretty sure Battlefield Forge fixes the mana issues R/W Burn had and CVM said that Llanowar Wastes could directly replace Overgrown Tomb in Jund Monsters. I can see why you’d put them as honorable mention (since they’re just “boring old lands”), but I might be inclined to put them in the top 10, maybe over Diffusion Sliver or Ajani. Scuttling Doom Engine seems like it should be an honorable mention, if only because it seems like a card that should see play yet it isn’t apparent where you’d want to play it yet.

    Genesis Hydra and Sign in Blood should probably be higher on the list, though I guess Garruk has to be pretty high as he is the face of the set. Liliana Vess, Sunblade Elf, and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth are notably absent but should also be there. I don’t really care for Ajani as he doesn’t really do much if you’re not running a list with alot of creatures, and in that case I’d rather run the 3-mana version.

    I’m assuming you’re evaluating from a current Standard-only perspective, but if you’re including Modern applications, I’ve seen some Ensoul Affinity lists coming out of Japan (taking Thoughtcast’s spot).

    Other stuff that probably sees Standard play after rotation (or will continue to see play if it’s a reprint):

    Elvish Mystic (Monsters retains all it’s ramp)
    Chandra, Pyromaster
    Hammerhand, Stoke the Flames, Altac Bloodseeker, Borderland Marauder, Forge Devil (RDW)
    Crippling Blight, Festergloom, Leeching Sliver (mono-B aggro)
    In Garruk’s Wake (could see play as a trump card if Standard becomes PWer-heavy)
    Soul of New Phyrexia, Soul of Shandalar (only 2 Souls that seem playable to me, New Phyrexia is already seeing time in mono-G Devotion)
    Radiant Fountain (Control decks)
    Evolving Wilds (if 3+ color decks still need ways to smooth their mana, also plays well with Urborg, Courser, and Chandra)

  2. Liliana Vess, Sunblade Elf, and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth were all possibilities but you have to make cuts at some point. Many of the cards you mentioned at the bottom of your comment were as we. It seems like we actually agree for the most part on the top ten though. Thanks for the comments and yeah this core set is pretty sweet.

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