1. Concerning eventual bans in Pauper down the line, my thoughts lean toward Gush. While it isn’t as broken of a spell as it was in Vintage (where it took them several times to learn from the mistake of unrestricting it), Pauper is currently the only Format where you can play a full set of the card. With Foil becoming legal, it effectively turns Gush into “Sacrifice 2 Islands, Draw 2 Cards, Counter target spell” at the very minimum. With Pauper becoming a Competitive format on MODO, I don’t think this interaction will last very long.

    Daze even becomes “Counter target spell unless an opponent pays one, if they do, Discard a card and that Island you just picked up to counter that spell.” Foil won’t be a 4-of, but it will start showing up in numbers in Pauper (along with Fire/Ice, but that’s a different topic).

    • I think your assessments are quite accurate, Zeb.

      While I don’t like to talk too much about bannings in general because it’s all speculative (contrary to part of this site/brand’s name), the Magic Online results have quite a bit of data showing Gush decks winning a good amount of the time.

      Thus, I think this could be a good indicator that Wizards could potentially have Gush and other cards on a watchlist. Time will tell.

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