1. Hi, you got wrong the sneak and show list from pokerswizard, it has no lands and you repeated the spells instead

  2. I like the formats of your articles so far, and the picks are data-driven which represents solid research.

    One point of disagreement – I think selling regular printing of E.E. is fine. I never advocate holding non-RL / Old School cards you’re healthily profitable on. But I doubt we see a printing of the card in Standard anytime soon given the Sunburst mechanic. Masters set? Definitely a possibility. But until we get wind of when the next Masters set is, I think this is safe to hold for a bit longer if you see the metagame shifting in a direction that favors this card. Just some extra thoughts!

    • Thanks, Sigmund!

      1. Ya, a few of my other friends made the same comment about the Sunburst mechanic being hard to implement in Standard again. But I guess my question is…why?

      2. I think I want to lock in my value now on EE rather than trying to eek out a few more dollars at the risk of a massive tank upon a spoiler. And if you still really want to hold on to EE, I think trading into Invention EEs using regular EEs is a nice way to hedge. Thoughts?

      Look forward to your expert feedback,

      • My guess with the Sunburst mechanic being hard to implement is not that it’s too broken for Standard, but that they would probably need a way to tie it in to the storyline of whatever set it’s in. If shocks are reprinted in the fall Ravnica set, then maybe it could make a return there? Though I doubt WotC wants everyone playing 4-5 color goodstuff again.

        • Hi Justin,

          Thanks for the comment. Why do you think WOTC wouldn’t want people playing 4-5 color good stuff?

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