1. I really like Steel Leaf Champion. With the 8% ebucks recently, I stocked up on 12 copies. Post-rotation, once red loses several weapons, it’s possible the aggro landscape could instead shift to green. The great thing is the card is strong on its own and isn’t necessarily elf-tribal dependent. It also pairs well with Sarkhan’s Unsealing — a great low-cost spec imo if you don’t mind splashing red.

    “Sarkhan, Fireblood” was a nice spec I agreed with. Its success piggybacks off what I said earlier with red losing weapons post-rotation. If red survives, it will be on the backs of dragons. I think dragons also appeal to the Timmy gamers. I’m still high on Verix Bladewing; a mythic dragon for under $1.75.

    • Hey David,

      Nice job on Steel Leaf Champion! Looking forward to if this actually pays off for you (and me) or not. Time will tell!

      I’m not sure about Sarkhan, Fireblood in Standard yet. Dragons might be too slow. But it is a three-mana Planeswalker that has some pretty strong abilities. The best part about it is that it’s already shown playability in Eternal formats which is why I think foils are a hold.

      I think non-foil and foil versions of Verix are a hold right now too. Ty Thomason from article #3 ( actually asked me about this before. I’ll probably highlight Verix in my next article. Keep on the lookout for that later this week!


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